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We are the right choice for Canadian Hosting solutions. Whether you are looking for email, personal, business or e-commerce web hosting, our service is what you are looking for! We have been in business for 5 years and are growing strong! We have developed our hosting servers to be PCI Compliant so our e-commerce sites can take credit card payments while following the rules set out by the payment card industry. We currently host several Opencart e-commerce stores, which are enjoying the success of PCI Compliance.

Our owner started out using reseller hosting accounts to start his business and from his experience we have grown. If you are in Canada you should be hosted in Canada. The reason for this is simple and yet complex. To simplify it, browse to http://www.google.com. Ooops, you were redirected to http://www.google.ca. This is because search engines like Google and Yahoo! use localized searching. This means that if you are in Canada, looking for a business in Canada, you will get business related to Canada from your search. This is because Google and Yahoo! look at where your hosting server is located. This is why it is important to make sure your hosting server is in Canada!

Many choose to use servers in the United States because their prices are a little cheaper. The questions you should ask yourself are "How much can I save?" or "How much can I make". We think the decision is easy. Saving money doesn't always deliver, and it won't if you choose the wrong hosting provider.

We provide quality, well priced, Canadian hosting solutions. All hosting accounts are cPanel hosting solutions. Contact us today to help with the second question! Welcome to where the sky is no longer the limit, because we aim higher!